Sun on the square

“A beautiful and timeless album… It hunts out the curious minutiae of being alive, saves them and makes them spectacular. ” Loud & Quiet – 9/10

“Exquisite… Evoking Bookends–era Simon & Garfunkel and Vashti Bunyan, Karen Peris’s voice is an instrument of tender fragility.” MOJO – 4 Stars ****

“They do delicate late 1960s / early 1970s folk–rock as well as anyone, and offer a message of hope in dark times.” London Sunday Times

Karen Peris' gift for melodic subtlety manifests itself on a number of highlights like "Green Bus" and the more expansive "Shadow of the Pines," two songs that dance nimbly between the dark and light places where emotions are most vulnerable. Poignant and poetic, she builds evocative vignettes out of seemingly simple scenes, describing with surprising richness the movements of her brother in the dusty afternoon light of the title song. The arrangements on these ten tracks are somewhat denser and more intricate than on the band's previous few outings, relying on rich string arrangements, horns, reverberating piano thrums and even a handful of clamorous drums -
All Music Guide

“Disarmingly delicate folk–pop… Refreshingly otherworldly.” Uncut

The title track may be one of the group’s most quietly devastating songs; its lyrics speak of resilience and hope, but the addition of each new instrument introduces turbulence and melancholy. Sun on the Square is a fragile, gorgeous record, one that is as carefully plotted as it is deeply affecting. - Bandcamp Seven Essential Releases

“The album’s ethereal sadness is beautifully crafted and there’s not a note out of place amid gently fingerpicked guitars, sparingly used piano, and swirling viola and violin.” Rock’n’Reel – 4 Stars ****

“Glintingly beautiful intimacy and wonder from Pennsylvanian quiet folk trio.” Q – 4 Stars ****

“Simply gorgeous… A stunning collection of beautifully vulnerable folk songs.” London In Stereo

“Karen Peris’ enchanting voice stars on this bucolic folky treasure adorned with affecting violin, viola and nylon–strung guitar.” Long Live Vinyl

“The delicacy of Karen Peris’ vocals and imagery are renewed on 10 new songs, on which ‘Green Bus’ sets the mood with its beautiful, rippling acoustic guitar and aching strings.” PROG

"The album starts off lovely and never lets up...a hand-crafted work of art." Paste